Supporting architects and interior designers with iconic photography, printing, framing and installation.

First impressions are everything. Whether your business operates from a commercial space, a care setting or a leisure destination, the way people experience your premises forms an indelible part of your brand. Shire Arthouse helps you bring your creative vision to life with a custom shoot or productions which create an instant impression and reflect the qualities you want your space to convey.

Tony Rea and his son Kiah are the names behind some of Australia’s most iconic modern-day imagery. They work with images from their own collections, as well as those from other photographers, to create distinctive, high-quality prints with a strong sense of time and place.

Kiah and Tony work with interior designers and architects to select the right images for your space, as well as looking after all the production, printing, framing and installation; giving you peace of mind, a quality finish and a distinctive look and feel that perfectly complements the space you are creating.

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