Custom shoots create an instant impression and reflect the qualities you want your space to convey.

While we can work with images from our own collections or other photographers, our custom collection service goes that one step further, to create distinctive, high-quality work with a strong sense of time and place that perfectly complements the space you are creating.

The process

Scoping meeting
A scoping meeting with you (on site or via Zoom) to better understand you and your clients’ vision

Research and historical referencing
Depending on the scope of the project, we conduct in-depth research into the locale of the project or facility. We access historical archives, local libraries and councils to help tell the story of not only the facility but the local surrounds.

Concept presentation
Presentation of concepts and mood boards to visually represent the idea of the custom shoot

Custom shoot
Shoots are held on various agreed locations, as well as sourcing from historical archives, to create a specially curated collection with a strong sense of place and story

Curation and presentation
Once the shoot is complete, we edit the presentation of images into our recommended presentation. Depending on your preference, we can share our edited version of the shoot or the complete shoot for your review and choice.

We can custom shoot a special theme or a collection from a local area that adds a sense of belonging and a personal touch to your project.

Tony and Kiah’s work is renowned for stunning coastal landscapes, evocative glimpses of the outback and abstract patterns of nature. Whether their lens is focused on the bark of a tree, a bush rock pool or the dazzling interplay of light and wind on water, Tony creates distinctive, high-quality prints with a strong sense of time and place.

Recently our custom collections have had marked success in the Health and Aged Care sectors with the use of iconic local images to encourage local stories. Our custom work makes a statement about belonging for the residents of a facility, with “it feels like home” our best compliment.

In addition to our custom collection service, Shire Arthouse boasts an already wide collection of distinctive prints to choose from, as well as a professional printing, framing and production service, frame repairs, replacement and installation.